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YORKTOWN Athletics

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YORKTOWN Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 12:39PM

VEL Fall Lax League

Registration is now open for Fall 2016 VEL. Please register now!





Team News

6.0 years ago @ 10:26PM

Conferene Lacrosse Brackets Posted - Boys and Girls

Correction - The boys will play at home at 5:30 pm on Thursday and the girls will play at 7:30 pm at home in the first round.

Brackets posted at

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 11:30AM

Varsity boys lacrosse game added at Herndon 4/13

A varsity boys lacrosse game has been added at Herndon on Wednesday, April 13 at 7 pm.

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 11:13AM

Mulch Delivery This Sat. 4/16!

This Saturday is the highly anticipated Spring Mulch Delivery Day!  Close to 7000 bags to schlep, so make sure you eat your Wheaties and don’t simply rely on the donuts and pizza provided during the delivery marathon.  All hands on deck!!!


First trucks will roll at 7:30am.  For you first-timers, we will meet by the mulch mountain in the parking lot nearest the YHS pool.  Record sales this year, so all able bodies (boys and parents) bring your trucks, suvs, flatbeds, dump trucks, and chase cars.  Many hands make light(er) work!

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 3:59PM

Seating at Away Games

This is a reminder that fans are expected to honor the wishes of the host school when selecting seating at games.  At most sites, the fans sit opposite each other, not on the same side.  This is a conference rule in many conferences and is considered to be best practice at high school sports venues.

If someone decides to not honor the host school's guidance, they do so at their own risk of being asked to leave.  In this case, the expectation is that one remain quiet and not comment when seated in the "other team's" section.  Failure to do so can create an unpleasant environment for all those attending the game and can result in removal at the discretion of the host school.

Thanks for your cooperation. 

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 9:05AM

Player/Family Contact Information Form

Please click the link below to enter and submit your contact information for our email distribution lists, directory and team info.

Yorktown Lacrosse Team Contact Information Form:

Team News

6.0 years ago @ 8:58PM

Boys and Girls Lacrosse to Practice at Bluemont

The boys and girls lacrosse teams will practice at Bluemont this year when they have practice which are not scheduled on the turf.  The teams will use the field closest to the tennis courts.

Saturday practices when not at Yorktown will continue to be at Jamestown.


Team News

6.0 years ago @ 9:55AM

Lax Dues, Mulch Orders, and Turf Schedule

Pay Your Lax Boosters Dues Online here! $75/family suggested donation.

March Turf Schedule is posted here.

Also, please mark your calendars for the Spring Mulch-a-thon which is scheduled for Saturday, April 16.  Order your mulch online here!


Spring Break: Saturday 3/19 >> We have an Away Game at Robinson (JV at noon and Varsity at 4:00pm). For those planning to travel for spring break, please plan accordingly.